Wednesday, March 14, 2012

download GreenPosion free


For Apple A5 devices on 5.0.1 »  GreenPois0n Absinthe 0.4

  • Windows – Download (MD5: f010639f81bd2f5e65eb3279df46e02f)
  • Mac OS X – Download (MD5: d0fc25b19988b9a1c7770e56fa389662)
  • Linux (x86/x86_64) Download (MD5: d4a233b1ce6a7c9eab748bba9597160b)

For Apple A4 devices on 5.0.1 »  GreenPois0n Corona

  • This package must be downloaded from Cydia
  • Please reference this blog post for step-by-step instructions

For iOS firmware 4.2.1 »  GreenPois0n RC6.1

  • Windows - Download (MD5: 99e9082c3b482d02978afbabb20bd1e9)
  • Mac OS X - Download (MD5: 57ec49739b2c3d2a991e83f1e2738115)

For iOS firmware 4.1 »  GreenPois0n RC4

  • Windows – Download (MD5: 4fdd558f94b5fdd06d50d6bad31c55ba)
  • Mac OS X – Download (MD5: bdcc6aa6617a5a67309e2e0afe049447)
  • Linux (RC3.3) – Download (MD5: 73c75297a4ba1dec69f15a38f462dbf5)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How to install the iPhoto application on the iPad 1

Previously mentioned to you all that the application of iPhoto, which Apple launched in an event the new iPad, and as everyone knows the application is not compatible with iPad 1 and currently there are many users iPad 1, so we offer you a simple way to install the iPhoto application on the iPad 1.


How to install the iPhoto application on the iPad 1

Step 1: Download the iPhoto application on the computer through iTunes will find it in iTunes will not be able to install it.
Step 2: Now you need to download Apple's iPhone Configuration Utility on your computer (depending on the system).
Step 3: Now 1 with iPad Connect your computer and sync with iTunes, after the completion iPad Stay connected with the computer and now run the tool that you downloaded in step 2.
Step 4: Select the "Applications" in the left pane, then click "Add" in the top bar. This will allow iPhoto to add an application that you downloaded earlier. 
Step 5: Now choose the iPad from the left menu and click on the option "Applications".
Step 6: Now move between your applications until you find the iPhoto application and then click on "Install.", upon completion you will find the iPhoto application on the iPad 1.
Note: Once you work in sync to your iTunes by the traditional method will be removed iPhoto application because it is not supported officially, but if you're a fan of the amendment to the application image, you can follow the method above.


                             Download Apple iOS firmware

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Download Sn0wBreeze 2.9.2 to Jailbreak : important for iOS 5.1

Launched the hacker and the system developer and which known as the iH8Sn0w with a new version of the tool to Jailbreak jailbreak Sn0wbreeze restricted for iOS 5.1 devices in theA4, not A5, so it will be for the iPhone 3Gs and 4 and 1 and iPad Touch iPod 3G and 3G.

It should be noted that dev-Team also launched a new software update for RedSn0w to support the issuance of iOS 5.1 and with version Sn0wBreeze 2.9.2 will be able to work Jailbreak restricted to devices A4 and this means the work of paving the Jailbreak in each time you restart the machine, and the tool Sn0wBreeze known to create firmware the new update, while maintaining the base band these things that help the program because this will happen firmware 5.1 iPhone the base band in 4 to 4:12:01 in the iPhone4S is 2.0.10 to maintain the unlock currently available or expected should not update to iOS 5.1 if you insist by firmware update should be the rate established by this program.

What's new in version Sn0wBreeze 2.9.2?

1- Unrestricted support to jailbreak iPhone 4 and 3GS and iPod Touch 3G and 4G, iPade
2- IPhone 3Gs Old dev-team  Boot ROM will jailbreak is not restricted
3- Repair holes, especially with Base band with iPad iPhone 2G
4- Support provided by the unlock the iPhone 2G 

Apple launches the first announcement of the new iPad to show the screen Ritina

Apple launched a special commercial of ipad new revealed by Apple a few days ago with a number of the most important features Retina screen and processor A5x and improves the camera and the other, and in this review the capabilities of Apple's announcement Ritina screen in the new iPad.                                                      

Announcement of the Apple iPad, called this'' good'', and through advertising Apple is trying to prove to the user that the techniques are not sufficient for the user, but make the product intuitive occur enjoyable experience and distinctive. The translation of the Declaration is as follows:
'' When you become a screen this good, you will become more vibrant colors and the words are clear and sharp. Everything will be brighter, because when the screen thisgood will be simple for you and things you care about. They display Ritina'' dazzling'' inthe new iPad '